We offer a consultancy service for your property. You may have something specific in mind, or you may just want a whole house survey carried out. During this, we will look at common issues which may be going on with your building, including, but not limited to, blocked gutters and drains, failing pointing, the use of inappropriate materials etc. We can offer inspection camera access to hard to reach areas and thermal imaging (a surcharge for specialist photography currently applies). We will discuss site details with you prior to our visit to establish what you would like and what equipment we will need to bring with us. If you are very local, we may come out in advance to assess these specifically, particularly if you have any concerns regarding access.

Heritage Impact Assessments & Statements

Listed Building Consent (LBC) and Heritage Impact Assessments, also known as statements (HIA/ HIS) can be confusing to navigate and, as usual, planning departments don’t seem to want to make it any easier. We can act on your behalf, as your agent, to liaise with your conservation officer to discuss the intended works and establish a path forward. Although with time and research, it is quite possible for anyone to write their own HIA/ HIS/ LBC application, we have experience in knowing what information officers are looking for, how much is too much, and what commonly ommitted things tend to hold the process up. It is common for it to take several weeks before your application is considered; if you’ve missed something out and have to resend it, you may find you have to wait all over again. We aim to take the hassle out of writing these often lengthy documents by putting our experience on paper for you.

Conservation Works

We can carry out a wide range of works to your property, and if we can’t, it’s likely that we will know someone who can. Works we commonly carry out include plastering, rendering, pointing, installation of drainage, limewashing, fibrous plaster work, stone repairs, stone cleaning, relaying walls and most other aspects of conservation work. When it comes to rooves and chimneys, it’s best to have a specialist, but if they say they want to waterproof your chimney, run in the other direction! Whilst we are happy to carry out most works, some jobs will require specialist professional skills, such as a structural engineer. If you’re thinking of removing walls or you’re having major subsidence issues, you’ll get safer advice from someone qualified to give it.

Training & Courses

We offer a range of courses. Please see our Courses page.

Estimates & Quotes

Whilst we would love to give everyone who wanted it a detailed quote for free, the reality is that they take up an awful lot of time. Conservation work is not only a specialist field, there are relatively few of us on the ground. That means that quite often (and especially in rural Wales), it can take up 3 – 4 hours of our day just driving to and from your property. When you take in the further time on site, the cost of fuel and the additional time afterwards not only detailing the required works but costing them, finding local suppliers and services and getting quotes from them, and sending it off to you, a quote frequently takes about 12 hours to put together. This is time that we are either not on site, earning money, or we are away from our families. Therefore we have taken the hard decision to charge for our quotes. If you go on to employ us, we will take 50% of this cost off the final invoice, so it’s not all bad. For most jobs, this is just a flat day rate charge with an additional cost for mileage or if we have to bring/ hire specialist equipment. In the event that the job is particularly complex, the cost for the quote will be increased in response. Not only does this mean that we weed out people who are not intent on getting work done, or who just want to get as many quotes as possible, it also means that you receive a detailed quote in a timely fashion because we aren’t rushing to get it done in stolen moments here and there.

What we can do for free, on the basis that you think you know what needs doing, is give you an estimate- a rough price, based on square meterage and a few photos. This won’t be fixed, but it will give you an idea of what it’s likely to cost you. You can then make the decision to go ahead with a paid quote or not. This way we are both saved extensive time and hassle trying to figure out if we’re a good match.

Terms & Conditions

Where services are administrative (HIA/ HIS, LBC, Consultancy, Quotations etc.) the fee is required in advance. Where a booking is made in advance of 2 weeks prior to the agreed date of the site visit, a 30% + all hire costs, non- refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The balance is due 2 weeks prior. Where the booking is within the 2 week period, the complete balance is due upon booking. You will be provided with a full price for the service in writing which, should you agree to it, will be followed by an invoice. A contract will be sent confirming the booking and full details of the service upon receipt of payment.

Where services are practical in nature (plastering, pointing etc.), a 15% non refundable deposit will be required to secure the booking. All hire, service and material costs must be paid in full, at least 10 days before work is agreed to start. Labour will be invoiced weekly and payment is expected weekly. In the event of any non- agreed delays to payment, work will not continue until this has been resolved. The client is responsible for any additional hire costs as a result, and any existing hires will be returned in the meantime to ensure that there is no additional cost which cannot be avoided.

Clients are welcome to purchase materials themselves if they wish, but deviation from the specification/ purchase order provided (including the use of a different supplier) will negate snagging issues with the materials or work. We tend to use the same materials from the same suppliers because we know how they respond, we know what mix ratios work well and we know we are getting good value for money. We are more than happy to pass that value on to you, but we don’t have time to field questions about materials from other suppliers, different aggregates and so forth. If you would like us to use a specific product, we are happy to discuss this with you. If we think that the material is not suitable for your property for some reason, we will inform you of this. We will not use a material that we deem to be inappropriate for your property; at the end of the day our professional reputation is at stake with every job we carry out. We want our clients to be happy for years to come. If we use something we think will be inappropriate, and it fails, you will ask why we didn’t persuade you; why we didn’t refuse to do it, and we will be the company who messed up your house. We would much rather lose the job, and keep our integrity, and hopefully offer you alternatives which are better suited for your building fabric or aspect.

These terms are not exclusive. Full terms and conditions are contained within the contract documentation. Upon booking of a service, it is understood that you agree to the terms and conditions contained within and that you agree to pay for said services in accordance with them. Failure to do so will result in one follow up written contact to ensure that the invoice has been received and to remind you that the balance is due. After this, a further invoice will follow, with interest owed and an administration fee of £40. If no further response is received, the matter will be pursued in Small Claims Court.